Can a Lawyer Remove A Hard Inquiry From Your Credit Report?

Can a Lawyer Remove A Hard Inquiry From Your Credit Report?

If we check our credit report, there are times that we will conduct some unauthorized inquiry. It is not the top things that could give a negative impact on our credit report, but whichever way we put it, it still has some bad effects. If the debts are already cleared, the next thing that should be taken cared of is the hard inquiries on our credit report. The process is complicated, so it is recommended to get the services of a lawyer. Yes, they can help you remove hard inquiries from your credit report. Check out how legal representatives can do it for you.

  1. Review the listed inquiries

Our credit reports are like an open book to the people, so there is no way to have control over who will request to see it. Once you have acquired the services of a lawyer, they will check all the items listed on the report and evaluate which ones are authorized. You can do this yourself then once everything is ready just send the information to your lawyer, so he or she will be able to take the next step to remove hard inquiries on your credit report.

  1. Credit Inquiry Removal Letter

Once the unauthorized companies are sorted out, it is time to send a credit inquiry removal letter. The lawyer will come in handy on this part because a legal advisor should certify the letter that you will be sending. It is best if you will print out two copies of each, so you will also have a record of it as proof that you have notified them about the disputed inquiry. If you have a legal representative, it will be easier to send the terms and consequences of the unauthorized credit report inquiry because they are already experts with the regulations.

  1. Put a freeze

It is a complicated process, so the next thing you want is to make sure that the same thing will not happen again. If you tell your lawyer about this, he or she can submit a petition to have a freeze order on your credit report. It will also be advised by your legal advisor because it is a safety precaution due to the numerous cases of identity theft that is going around. Just be mindful of your situation if you will need to use your credit report for any purposes. The reason behind that is that placing a freeze order and removing it will cost you some bucks. Set out your plans before you decide to put a freeze request for your credit report.

The first section of the process can be done easily on your end, but if you want to expedite things, the best thing you can do is hire a lawyer. Aside from the hard inquiries removal, they can also help you out with the extraction of the other negative things showing up on your credit report. Put in mind that we need to be mindful of the things showing up on our credit records because it can affect the loans and the likes of it that we are trying to get.